The Wrong War


A present-day Action-Adventure Fiction Novel from James A Graves, Jr., the author of the Aftermath Series





Deke Sikes, a new Special Agent with the US Drug Enforcement Administration, considers himself a soldier in the Drug War and requested assignment to Central America.


Much to his disappointment, his first assignment is to the US Border Patrol, Ajo Station, Why, Arizona, 28 miles north of the US-Mexico border in South-Central Arizona. Agent Sikes considers this a backwater part of the Drug War, where US Customs and Border Patrol handle most of the drug seizures and arrests.


However, the war is about to heat up, but in a most unexpected way; while following orders to report unusual events and sightings, he and his liaison, US Border Patrol Agent Luís Gonzales, discover rumors of Chinese Nationals and unusual events happening along the US-Mexico border.


Suddenly, Special Agent Sikes and Agent Gonzales find themselves in the middle of a conspiracy that threatens the security and sovereignty of the United States. They also learn the hard way that assassins have been contracted to kill them and their immediate families.


Follow the exciting and romantic adventures of DEA Special Agent Zeke Sikes as he finds the girl of his dreams and fights a different kind of war, from Ajo to Payson Arizona, and from Northern Mexico to Washington DC, desperately trying to stay alive, protect his beautiful young wife & family, and unravel the deadly conspiracy involving Mexico, Red China, and high officials of the US government.



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