An Arrogance of Despicability

An essay by James A Graves, Jr.

January 2011


On Saturday, January 8th, 2011 madman Jared Loughner went on a shooting spree at a political rally in Tucson Arizona, attempting to assassinate congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and killing or wounding many other innocent people, including murdering a child.


Within hours a storm of blame poured from the Left.  Progressives, Democrats, Liberals, Socialists, Marxists, politicians, celebrities and the liberal media, including TV, radio and newspapers all chimed in.  Even the Pima County sheriff added to the absurd finger pointing.


The blame was all directed at conservative Republicans, the Tea Party, the Constitution Party, and all conservative media, including radio, TV and print.


Shortly after that, the same finger pointers began calling for more gun control, censoring Conservative talk radio, TV and publications, and enacting laws making it a federal crime to make threatening    comments about members of congress.


Americans are supposed to ignore the fact that the US Constitution guarantees free speech, gun    ownership, and the right to follow any political philosophy that we choose.  All of these rights should supposedly be suspended or denied just because an obviously criminally insane man went on a    shooting spree with a gun.


These finger-pointers and blame-layers are using the horrific actions of a mentally unstable man to  further their Progressive, Liberal, Socialist and Marxist agenda and it is despicable beyond description.


Since the beginning of time the mentally ill have been shunned, abused, tortured, killed, tormented, harassed, ridiculed, locked away, pushed aside, taken advantage of, and ignored.  For every one that has been helped, countless others have been left to the inhumanity of man, and ultimately discarded without so much as a second thought.  This travesty isn’t confined to any race, country, region or     religion; it is commonplace worldwide, and the Progressives are simply perpetuating this reprehensible treatment of the mentally ill.


The goal of the Progressive movement is to change the US Constitution in order to transform our     Democratic Republic into some form of Socialism that, according to them, will miraculously transform our country into a better place to live.


How is it possible that these self-professed caring members of our society have become so arrogant that they think it is perfectly acceptable to use this tragedy as a platform to promote their Progressive ideology by suggesting that the murderous rampage of this obviously deranged man was caused by the words and actions of those who seek to return our country to the rightful path of Constitutional law as intended by the founding fathers?


The finger-pointers claim that if stricter gun laws were enacted, murderers like Loughner would be   unable to have access to a gun and, therefore, would not kill. 

Yet they ignore the fact that Timothy McVeigh, using a simple bomb recipe readily available on the internet, detonated a truck bomb in front of the Alfred P. Murrah Building in Oklahoma City on April 19, 1995 killing 168 people and injuring 450.

Loughner could also have chosen to use a bomb instead of a gun, possibly killing and injuring many, many more innocent people gathered in that shopping center parking lot on that Saturday to see    congresswoman Giffords and hear what she had to say.


By suggesting that Loughner was driven to kill because he may have listened to conservative talk     radio, or watched conservative talk TV and became enraged by the “vitriolic rhetoric”, the blame-layers appear to be trying to invent a logical, rational reason why Loughner did this horrible thing. 

In truth, it is not possible to fix any kind of intelligent reasoning for Loughner’s actions because        insanity has no rationality whatsoever.


How many violent crimes have been caused by the influence of Conservative talk radio, TV or publications?

How many violent crimes have been caused by the influence of Liberal or Progressive talk radio, TV or publications?


When the “vitriolic rhetoric” that the Progressive finger-pointers claim is spewing from Conservative talk radio and TV is compared to the constant babble from the buffoons of the liberal media, on      network television and Progressive radio, like the Air America radio network that broadcast daily from March 2004 to January 2010, one will discover a strikingly similar programming content.

The bottom line is that Conservatives criticize Progressives and Progressives criticize Conservatives. 


The difference between the two philosophies is that Conservatives believe that every American citizen is entitled to the rights granted by the US Constitution, including free speech and the right to keep and bear arms to defend ourselves and protect our freedom.

Progressives believe that they should have the right to silence anyone that criticizes them or says

anything they don’t like, and that every private citizen should be disarmed and forced to depend on the government for protection.


Coincidentally, every Socialist, Marxist and Fascist government that ever existed also silenced anyone that criticized the government or said anything the government didn’t like.  Every citizen of these  Godless governments were also disarmed, which allowed complete government domination.  What then followed was a systematic subjugation of their citizens, reducing them to nothing more than    subjects. In every case, this absolute power in the hands of the government eventually led to       genocide.  These governments killed their own subjects by neglect, starvation, forced labor, brutality, and mass murder.  Countless millions of innocent men, women and children have been slaughtered in the name of ethnic cleansing, controlling dissidents, political purges, social engineering, nationalism, totalitarianism and religious dominance.  These senseless murders far exceed the number of innocent civilians intentionally and accidentally killed by the enemy during all of the major world and regional wars in history.


Sadly, the Progressives will continue to exploit every opportunity to turn attention away from their   Socialist agenda by using anyone or anything at their disposal, like exploiting the senseless, murderous rampage of a lunatic and the innocent victims that he killed and wounded, to discredit the Conservative opposition.

Having little or no sense of morality, decency, or honor, Progressives will stop at nothing to reach their goals.  We can only hope that, eventually, their Arrogance of Despicability will simply destroy them from within.


©2011 James A Graves, Jr.


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