What’s Inside

©1997 James A. Graves, Jr.


Lookin’ through the window from the outside of the fence,                              

Ever since I could remember it never made no sense,

I watch them as they come and go and wonder what they have to hide,

I’ll bet they think I’m just a kid wonderin’ what’s inside?


Every day I see them at the window, they watch me as I play,

Sometimes at night I hear them screaming. Why don’t they run away?

I get no help just the same old line, ‘you better leave well enough alone’.

Well, I’m gonna find a way to help them kids even if I’m on my own.


Late one night I could stand no more, so I sneaked in and found their phone,

I dialed for help and said, “Listen to this!” and the cops came on the run,

and screamin’ was as clear as a bell on the tape nine-one-one made,

And the bruises and scars was more than enough to send them folks away.


Well, their grandma came to look after the kids and moved in right away,

She opened up the house and unlocked the gate and the kids came out to play.

I watched their folks come and go and wondered what they had to hide,

I’ll bet they thought I was just a kid, wonderin’ What’s Inside.      


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