Save The Planet?

A Commentary by James A Graves, Jr.


The silent video was short, graphic and shocking; a whale had just been “harvested” by a modern whaling ship. As the whale’s dead body was being hoisted from the sea by a rope tied around its tailfin, it became horribly evident that the whale was a pregnant female, because her calf fell from her womb and into the sea.


It was a scene you can’t un-see. Something you can’t forget. Two innocent, harmless creatures, bothering no one. Whales. Awe-inspiring. Magnificent. Legendary creatures of the sea. Icons of the beauty and grandeur of nature. A mother and her unborn baby, heartlessly slaughtered by humans for profit.


Many people and organizations, national and international, federal, state and local, go to great lengths to prevent the slaughter of these beautiful creatures, along with other animals, like seals, polar bears, eagles, wolves, etc. It is truly a noble effort.


Considering the extraordinary efforts to save the lives of the creatures with which we humans share this planet, I have a great deal of trouble understanding why it is often those very same people who are strangely in favor of killing an unborn human.

When and how was it determined that the lives of birds and animals are more important than the lives of humans?


To those who would argue that an unborn human baby is only a collection of cells – a zygote, and therefore not worthy of saving; people also make great efforts to save puppies and kittens, certain frogs, lizards, snakes and fish, as well as bird eggs and hatchlings, and turtle eggs and hatchlings.

Why are those creatures, along with bird eggs and turtle eggs, worth protecting, even passing laws against disturbing their nests, while a fertilized human egg is considered nothing more than collection of cells than can be killed without a second thought?


Certainly humans are not an endangered species (yet) but whether you believe that God created us, or that we evolved from pond slime, we are presently the highest form of life on this planet and, by default, its undeniable stewards. However, we do not need to save the planet. Earth was here long before humans appeared, and the earth will be here long after we are gone. But, while we are here we need to protect its inhabitants – plants, birds, fish and other animals, including us.


It is our duty to protect human life as well. Mankind are the overseers of this big blue marble because we are intelligent. The human mind is an amazing thing - everything that has been manufactured on the earth has been conceived in the mind of a human. Even a few living things, like the unique colors and forms of flowers, vegetables, dog and cat breeds, farm animals, etc., that have been modified from the naturally-occurring species by genetic manipulation.


Mankind conceived the written word, music, art, architecture, and, perhaps the best of all; cooked food. Humans have created many things that make life better, more pleasant, more comfortable and easier. Humans are special. And as far as I know, only humans create and invent.


One day, a human will discover the cure for cancer - unless that particular human’s mother is led to believe the baby growing inside her is only a collection of cells, and chooses to kill it. Wouldn’t it be ironic if fate intervened and, in her elder years, that would-be mother died of cancer because she chose to abort the inventor of the cure?


The very same fate could await the inventor of the answer to air and water pollution.


Some say miracle inventions, such as the cure for cancer, are inevitable, and someone will eventually make those discoveries. But that supposes uniquely brilliant minds, like Leonardo da Vinci and Nicola Tesla, are not that uncommon.


But, if that is so, then why are their discoveries, inventions and creations considered so groundbreaking?


If da Vinci had not existed, would The Mona Lisa have been painted?

Or the other 15 works attributed, either whole or in part, to him?

Would someone else have conceived da Vinci’s many theories, ideas and inventions?


If Tesla had not existed, would someone else have invented the first alternating current motor, developed AC generation and transmission technology, or conceived his theories on electricity? (BTW: He died in 1943. Some of his theories have yet to be fully understood. Shortly after his death, the US government confiscated his personal notes and files, marked them classified and locked them away)


There could be only one da Vinci. And only one Tesla. Why? DNA. Every creature on earth is unique because of the complexity of the DNA double helix contained within the cells of its body. Unless cloned by a human geneticist, every creature’s DNA is uniquely different. Almost identical to other members of its species, but unique to that individual.


And literally every creature on earth comes from an egg. Even humans. Every egg contains the potential for life. From the moment of fertilization – commonly called conception - an egg contains life. After a short gestation period, either inside the egg’s shell, or inside its mother’s womb, an egg will bring forth a living, breathing creature. Each one unique because of its DNA.


Every creature has a right to live. Especially humans.

We think, create and invent. Humans are special.


Please protect the unborn. Ban abortion. Stop killing babies.


©2019 James A Graves, Jr.



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