Chasing a fascination with airplanes, he joined the USAF and was selected for an assignment with the Quick Strike Reconnaissance Test Project, Tactical Air Warfare Center, Eglin AFB, Florida.† While on active duty he earned a degree from Saint Leo College.


After the USAF, James toured with the Southern Rock band, Erik The Red, as second lead guitar.† Unfortunately, due to the fact that bills must be paid, he was forced to resign from ETR and fall back on his electronics skills, accepting a job in the defense industry with Cubic Corporation as a field engineer on the US Air Force Air Combat Maneuvering Instrumentation (ACMI) System at Eglin AFB, FL, the Luke AFB ACMI in Ajo, Arizona & the US Navy NAS Oceana Tactical Air Combat Training System (TACTS) in Manteo, NC.†


James also continued pursuing aviation and earned his pilotís wings in 1984 at Dare County Regional Airport (MQI) in Manteo, North Carolina.†


In 1987 he accepted an electronics technician position with the Federal Aviation Administration Airways Facilities Nav/Com Unit at Tucson International Airport, Tucson, Arizona.† While living there he wrote and published his first Action-Adventure Fiction Novel, Aftermath: The Fight For Survival.† A short time later he wrote and published his second Action-Adventure Fiction Novel, Aftermath: The Deadly Game.†


In 1998 he transferred to the PNS Technical Operations Systems Support Centerís Nav/Com Unit at Pensacola International Airport, Pensacola, Florida.† While living on Garcon Point, near Pensacola, he wrote and published an exposeí; Assembly Line Justice: The American Drug War, which was later retitled and republished as Assembly Line Justice: How The American War On Drugs Has Failed.


James retired in 2014 and moved to Payson, Arizona.† There he wrote his third Action-Adventure Fiction novel, The Wrong War, soon to be published by Katherine Walls, owner of Global Authors Publications.


James now resides on his ancestral property in Ponce de Leon, Florida.



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Text Box: About James...

James was born in Pensacola, Florida, and grew up fishing, swimming and scuba diving in the crystal clear water of Morrison Spring, and hunting and exploring the swamps of the Choctawhatchee (Choc-taw-hatchee) River that runs from Alabama, through the Florida Panhandle, to the Choctawhatchee Bay near

Ft Walton Beach and Destin.


Music was the creative spark that began a lifetime journey as a writer, musician and songwriter.† James began writing songs after learning to play guitar at age 10 and continued performing with various rock bands throughout high school and college.†