Too Low To Fall             (turn up your speakers & click on the song title)

©1995 James A. Graves, Jr.


Have you ever wondered why some memories,

Never leave the rivers of your mind?

Everywhere I go you follow me,

You’re just a few steps behind.


Your memory followed me,

To the edge of the falls.

But that don't bother me at all,

 'Cause I'm too low to fall.


I've never been one to spend my time,

Worrin' about the bridges burned;

Each day that comes leaves a day behind,

And the time that's lost is lessons learned.


But losing you was a lesson,

I wish I'd never learned at all.

The strings are cut and I'm suspended here,

But I'm much too low to fall.


In my dreams you’re always there,

With your arms open wide,

But my dreams can't fool my heart,

You're no longer by my side.


By chance we meet I always say,

You're lookin' great, I'm doin' fine.

I'm hoping all the while that you don't see,

Behind this phony smile of mine.


How could I lose someone like you,

One time in life when true love called?

I'm standing on the edge of no return,

But I'm too low to fall.

I'm standing on the edge of no return,

But I'm just too low to fall.


         Words & Music by J. Graves

         Recorded &  Mixed at Graves-Scruggs Studio, Ponce de Leon, FL

             Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Synthesizers and Synth Drums by J. Graves


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