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Rebecca Brown of says…


The Aftermath Series is a wild war yarn of terrorists & nukes, oppression & ragged bands of pilots in overworked planes, wily & daring, unwilling to live enslaved by fanatics. 

It is also a charming, hopeful love story.  This one is a lusty, colorful, articulate read.


A great read!

Reviewer: Timothy T. from Gilbert, Arizona United States

After having read James A. Graves book, Aftermath I, I find myself anxiously awaiting the sequel. It is a very compelling story with characters so real, I find myself comparing them to my old military buddies. This one I keep in my shelves of books to be read again and again!


Top Gun faces Armageddon!

Reviewer: Darla L. from Lenoir, NC United States

It's the Aftermath of a comet's collision with earth. The disaster occurs right where I like them - in the beginning chapters. The rest of the story is peppered with high-tech dogfights between terrorists and a motley crew of volunteer heroes. The enlisted and civilian air defense team faces the Middle East antagonists in the midst of violent dust storms and scarce rations. When they get an occasional breather, you discover real humans that laugh, cry and love like there's no tomorrow. In their situation, there may not be.

Not an aircraft enthusiast myself, Aftermath I was still an easy read, but sky-jocks will get off on the accurate descriptions of fighter jets and modern weaponry.


A great read for any patriot!

Reviewer: Craig W. from Arizona

Aftermath I is a great read. If you are an aviation buff or a vet you'll enjoy following Skip fight for his country after an asteroid strikes the Earth and terrorists make a move to take over world. I'm anxiously awaiting Aftermath II.

Great book for lovers of military hardware

Reviewer: Jerry S. from San Diego, CA United States

A suspenseful, easy reading book. The storyline was very entertaining and not so far-fetched that it couldn't happen and end life as we know it today.  Some of the scenes were so well written that I was sorry they ended. Some of the scenes were a little lacking in detail, but not so prevalent that you should not read this book.  If you like action and know a little about military hardware then this book if for you.


Exciting Reading

Reviewer: Charles P. from Morton, Wa

Having been the first person to edit this book for Jim, I give it an excellent review. Having worked with Jim for about seven years, I know the amount of sweat and work he put into this novel. Both of us have worked in Tucson where a great bit of the action takes place. I passed by this bone yard everyday on the way to work and found myself getting into the book so much that I felt I was actually in it. Jim is a dedicated person and can becomes greatly involved in anything that interests him. I look forward to more of his work. Aftermath I and II are good examples of what he is capable of producing.


An Entertaining Military Story

Reviewer: Anna Marie F. from Green Bay, WI United States

Whether you are in the military, have been in the military, or will enjoy this "it could happen in the near future" love story based on an imminent threat to the United States.  Easy to read, and a lead in to Mr. Graves's "Aftermath 2."


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