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Lyrics & Music

Do You Remember Me?  (Adult Contemporary)

I Miss The Rain (Contemporary Country)

I’ve Been Lied To (Rock)

Loving You (Contemporary Country)

Once Upon A Time (Adult Contemporary)

Rock & Roll Is Mine (Rock)

The Choctawhatchee In Me (Southern Rock)

The Fall (Adult Contemporary)

This Is Not How I Planned It (Contemporary Country)

Too Low To Fall (Country)

Where I Was Born (Folk/Bluegrass)

Where Your Heart Resides (Rock)


Look for details, as well as notes, backstories and other trivia at the end of lyric pages   

Why songwriters are compelled to write songs is a mystery—at least to me.

But whatever the reason, these songs came from my heart.  


I built my recording studio specifically to record original songs to pitch as demos to music publishers, agents & producers, with the hope of a song being contracted by a recording artist to be placed on an album or released as a single for radio play.   Thus far this hope has not been realized.


These recordings are demos and have not been mastered for CD distribution or radio air play.  They are presented here for your review and (hopefully) your enjoyment.  


Kind Regards,