The Aftermath Series


A fiction, action-adventure of both science fiction and fact.  The characters are realistic, diverse and complex.  The story takes the reader on a fascinating journey into the lives of a small group of people who are fighting for survival in a very different world from the one we know, and yet a world to which we can relate... battling terrorism.



Aftermath I: The Fight For Survival

1st edition: ISBN-10: 1591460026 ISBN-13: 978-1591460022

2nd edition: ISBN-10: 1591462487 ISBN-13: 978-1591462484


   Beginning in the year 2006, my story follows the adventures of members of the North American Air  Defense Agency.  This agency is part of the Free Forces of North America, formed by the US and     Canada in the aftermath of an asteroid that hits the Earth in 1998.

Terrorism flourishes as a result of the upheaval.  Since all military resources must be turned to the task of providing aid and food to the survivors, the North American Air Defense Agency stands alone to      defend North America from airborne terrorist attacks.

   William “Skip” Scott is an ex-military pilot and designer of an advanced technology fighter called the Viper.  Skip loses his wife and children in the asteroid disaster.  To save his sanity, Skip joins his old friend and co-designer of the Viper, Pop Hackland, to help General Lewis M. Grey organize the North American Air Defense Agency and establish Base One near Denver, Colorado.  Skip takes a slot as a reconnaissance pilot, stationed at Owls Nest, a mountaintop outpost west of Denver.  At Owls Nest, he has an encounter with an unidentified aircraft suspected to be a terrorist reconnaissance flight. 

   While searching for the terrorist base, Skip's friend, Phil Blake, is shot down and killed.  Then, Pop Hackland disappears on a flight near that same area.  Later, while flying a reconnaissance mission searching for Pop, he and his co-pilot, Major Bud Cooper, are forced down and captured by the terrorist organization, Bushmaster.  They discover Pop and a most unusual group of terrorists.  While being held captive, Skip meets the love of his life, Lieutenant Ahana Cohen, fighter pilot for Bushmaster.  Skip and crew also discover that this cell of the Bushmaster force has been ordered to carry out an attack on Base One and other targets with weapons of mass destruction.  However, the real intent of this group is not what they expected at all...


Aftermath II: The Deadly Game

ISBN-10: 1591462738 ISBN-13: 978-1591462736


   Fifteen years after the asteroid strike severely wounded the earth, mankind is still in turmoil.

With the terrorist mastermind Za-Ved Raazmahd dead, Bushmaster defeated and the Army of the Green Snake scattered, the people of North America still face the challenges of survival.  Fierce storms rage.  The sun is still just a red glow in the dark sky.  Food and water are scarce.  But these trials are dwarfed by the shadow of a new evil rising in the east.

Za-Ved’s notorious father, Sheik Dasheed Raazmahd, thought to be long dead, is very much alive and looking for vengeance.  If Sheik Raazmahd carries out his plan for an all-out nuclear, chemical and    biological strike on North America, the continent will be easy prey when the Army of the Green Snake rises again.

In a classic battle of high tech avionics versus barbaric cunning, the North American Air Defense Agency has to play a deadly chess game in which the evil king isn’t even on the board.  Skip Scott, the rogue  civilian pilot who shot down Za-Ved, is hunting down the terrorist’s father.  To find the sheik, however, he has to find his “Hidden Palace”… somewhere in the vast Sahara Desert.



Aftermath III: Bloodlines  In progress...



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