My Essays & Commentaries

A Short Story

& A One-Act Play


A Culture of Dishonor                                  

A Letter to the RNC

A Quandary                                                                                

Abortion, Murder and the Liberal Press                  

An Arrogance of Despicability           

Austria’s Past and America’s Future

Avoiding the Inevitable Planning Ahead

Benevolent Punishment

Birds & Worms                                     

Car Batteries & Epiphanies                                               

Censorship or Hypocrisy?

Cholla Cactus, Curiosity and a Tenderfoot

Christian Priorities

Dr. Anne Wortham                                                          

Driving Me Nuts                                                               

Electrical Physics & Shade Tree Mechanics                  


Failure Is Not An Option                                                                               

Flying Airplanes

Global Warming and Other Questions                                            

If I wanted America to Fall                                                                        

Insurance Rant - an update

Just Another Day In Paradise

Pins, Pride & Integrity                                                             

Pleading To The Gods - A One-Act Play

Poetic Justice - A Short Story

Ranting, Regretting & Appreciating

Scuba Diving

Searching For Wisdom                                                                                    

The English-Only Issue

The KJV Bible, Shakespeare and King James - page 1

The KJV Bible, Shakespeare and King James - page 2

The Pursuit of Happiness

The Sad State of Mankind

The Separation of God and State       

The True Origin of American Law

Trusting the Mail

Volcanos, Rock Bands & Jets

What Happened To The First Chance?

Why Do We Never Get The Facts?     

Why the Same-Sex Marriage Issue May Never be Resolved


©James A Graves, Jr.

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